Rack design with 2 routable Inputs (A, A+B, B), 8 Line /MIC Outputs, 4 buffered outputs for APB expanders

A professional active press box and a drive unit (Audio Splitter) serving both as an active press box and a drive unit for additional expanders.
It features 2 MIC/Line Inputs (A,A+B,B) and 8 Line/Mic Outputs. 
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
What is more, it can also be used for bilingual conferences as it features 2 separate channels A and B.
Each input can be routed to channel A or channel B or both at the same time.
There is a bus A with 4 Line/MIC outputs and bus B with 4 Line/MIC outputs. 
It also serves as a drive unit because it has 4 buffered expander Outputs and can power additional 96 Line/MIC Outputs. 
So with this unit you can route route 2 individual inputs to up to 104 Line/MIC Outputs! 
You can connect any of our expanders to it. 


Brand AudioPressBox