A professional portable active press box bundle consisting of a AudioPressBox drive unit and AudioPressBox portable expanders.
It features 1 Line Input and 32 Line/Mic Outputs. 
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
The drive unit has 2 buffered expander Outputs and can power up to 48 Line/MIC Outputs. 
You can connect any of our expanders to the drive unit not only the ones in the case. 
All of this is placed in a waterproof, heavy duty nanuk case.
The biggest advantage of this bundle is that you can daisy chain the portable expanders in 2 directions. The total length of the cable in each direction can go up to 500m so you can easily cover any type or shape of a conference room.

Professional portable AudioPressBox bundle includes:

1x APB-D100 drive unit:
• 1 balanced LINE Input
• Switchable High-Pass filter
• Switchable Compressor and Limiter for Input channel
• 2 separately buffered Outputs
Pack includes 4 AudioPressBox expanders with 8-outputs each.

4x APB-008 SB-EX expanders:
• 1 balanced Input for APB drive unit with link Output for another unit
• 8 High quality balanced Outputs, independent transformer isolated and switchable LINE or MIC Output level.

1x Professional waterproof, special heavy duty case


Brand AudioPressBox